I will have a drawing in this.


25-27 November 2010, 12-6pm
Live event: 27 November, 7-9pm

Henny Acloque, Susan Aldworth, Dominic Allan, Phillip Allen, Michael Ajerman, Majed Aslam, Emi Avora, David Blandy, Sarah Baker, Mike Bartlett, Olly Beck, Kirsty Buchanan, Jorge Cabieses, Caravan Gallery, Rachel Cattle, Jake Clark, Jessica Coates, Andrew Curtis, Sam Dargan, Annabel Dover, Sarah Doyle, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Tom Hunter, Leo Fitzmaurice, Kate Garner, Damian Griffiths, Stephen Harwood, Nadia Hebson, Sigrid Holmwood, Paul Housley, Jasper Joffe, Reece Jones, Paul Kindersley, Lady Lucy, Peter Lamb, Damian Le Bas, Delaine Le Bas, Mindy Lee, Iwan Lewis, Peter Liversidge, Hayley Lock, Cathy Lomax, Jeff McMillan, Zoe Mendelson, Alex Michon, Eleanor Moreton, Marianne Morild, Paul Murphy, Harry Pye, Marcus Oakley, Laura Oldfield Ford, Michael O’Mahony, James Payne, Alex Pearl, Edd Pearman, Mike Perry, Claire Pestaille, Rachel Potts, Princess Julia, Emma Puntis, Clunie Reid, Norbert Schoerner, Twinkle Troughton, Yinka Shonibare, Corinna Spencer, Emma Talbot, Mimei Thompson, Alli Sharma, Katherine Tulloh, Lara Viana, Stella Vine, Jessica Voorsanger, David Webb, Jo Wilmot, Rose Wylie, Isabel Young, Yolanda Zappaterra

Nicholas Serota’s recent comments that the government’s funding cuts will cause an ‘arts blitzkrieg’ have inspired Transition Gallery to stage ART BLITZ, a fundraising event which references and updates the confrontational politics and unique style of the 1980s.

For eight years, the artist-run gallery, Transition, has been at the forefront of the East London art scene, staging exhibitions and producing exceptional publications (including Garageland and Arty). With the ill wind of spending cuts threatening to curtail the gallery’s progress, Transition have garnered the support of many leading artists and will be launching a not-to-be-missed art auction on this website on 15 November. Viewing will be in the form of an exhibition at Transition from 25-27 November, culminating in a live auction on the evening of Saturday 27 November. Bidding will be possible in advance online or by telephone or at the live event. There will also be an ARTY DIP where £10 will secure an original drawing or print many of which have featured in Arty.

The call to arms for ART BLITZ has been phenomenal with artists including Yinka Shonibare, Clunie Reid, David Blandy, Stella Vine, Phillip Allen, Sigrid Holmwood, Rose Wylie, Paul Housley, Eleanor Moreton, Tom Hunter, Laura Oldfield Ford, Emma Talbot, Jessica Voorsanger and Delaine Le Bas donating work to the auction and ARTY DIP.

Much of the work has been produced specially for ART BLITZ and this will be a rare chance to purchase art by influential contemporary artists whilst supporting the work of one of London’s most important artist-run spaces.

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