A BIG Thank you to the following Crowdfunders, and those who wish to remain anonymous.  Because of your generous pledges we have been able to buy a museum quality acrylic cover for the painting which is now installed at the entrance to The Critical Care Unit, Royal Marsden Hospital.  

Foundation of Kindness, Shared Experience, Shared Burden. (2022) Acrylic and collage on linen canvas 300 x 150 x 5 cm  


With thanks to :

Harriet Plewis, Ana Cavic, Laura Chapman, Gemma Burditt, Naomi Cohen, Benjamin Marchant, Andrew Mania, Emma Grant, Stephen Paige, Hayley Field, Maddie Dean, Lauren and Jeremy Millar, Kim Coleman, Claire-Ward Thornton, Chris Kenedy, Rachael House, Julian Triandafyllou, Rita Evans, Jenifer Hodgson, Elizabeth and Malcolm Chapman, Jean Keeley, Charlotte Squire, Pippa Gatty, Matthew Cheney, Alex Galvin, Anya Lewin, Karen Di Franco, David and Amy Woollett, Frances Morgan, Toby Clarkson, Anna Bariball, Angela Piccini, Matthew Ward, James Ward, Ciaran Ward, The Ward Family, Clare Cumberlidge, Beth Atkinson, Steve and Lucy Woollett, Dylan Allcock, Kathleen Herbert, Gallit Shaltiel, Rebecca Dean, Bill and Rachel Roberts, Rosie and John Dean, Emily Woollett, Laura Woollett, Kari Nygaard, Paul Stone, Mary Yacoob, Ewa Jasiewicz, Ilona Jasiewicz, Angela Gwatkin, Andrew Johnson, Gordon Hon, Jessica Marlowe, Flo Brooks, Pete Law, Lana Locke, Raksha Patel, Rebecca Partridge, Juliette Blightman, Sovay Berriman, Ros and Sevak Gulbekian Faram, Ele Carpenter, Jacqueline Utley, Ruth Cook, Camilla Stacey, Marie-Anne McQuay, Nicholas and Angela Woollett, Rozi Leyden, Zuleika Gregory,  Liseta Santos and those who wish to remain  anonymous.


The Project was commissioned by The Royal Marsden Arts Programme and Margaret, the matron of the Crititcal Care Unit  and made with participation of the Critical Care Staff Team. It  funded through The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.  With thanks to all members of staff involved.