Being Lady Lucy: Drawings and Sketchbooks 2004-2006, Unit 2 Gallery, London Metropolitan University 20 January to 10 March 2007. Curated by Eddie Chambers
Exhibition preview : Sat 20th January 2006 2-4 PM
Artist in conversation with curator Eddie Chambers
Thursday 8th February 2007 7pm at Unit 2.

This exhibition brings together several bodies of work by the enigmatic Bristol-based artist, Lady Lucy, produced over the past couple of years. The exhibition also features a selection of the fascinating source material from which the artist draws inspiration for her candid and fascinating studies of human existence, be that existence real, imagined, remembered, or meticulously constructed.

Lady Lucy is an artist like no other. Her chosen medium is drawing and to this end, she is constantly in the process of producing an extraordinary range of drawn art works. Her appetite for the act of drawing is vociferous. Never, it seems, is she without her beloved sketchbook. Compulsively, she draws at every opportunity. In the main, she takes as her subject matter people around her. People she knows, people she meets, people with whom she comes into contact, and people she observes. In the case of the people she observes, these are drawn from the printed page as frequently as from real life.

From The Importance of Being Lady Lucy, text for exhibition brochure, by Eddie Chambers

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