(Double Lives) series Pen on Paper 2015

Paulette, Paulette, Paulette; Jean Scene; James Susan
Home From the Hill with The World .. ; Quieter Moments Submerging; Carmen Cards
1,2,3 & I Fell; Cowboy in the Room; Jet Storm Lee Remick
Greer Gregory; Jane Louis; Vic Dick
Joan of Mirror Arc; Hollywood Album; Gena Carroll
Mitzi Anne; James Maureen; Pinchgue Warlock Lovers
Glynis Constance; Lois Lois; FrankieNan &amp Donna Too;
Dana Marilyn; Diana Day Doris Doors; Duel Duo Trio
Ernest Deborah; Forcefield; Virginia Crain
Ring Bob Bing; Spartacus Conquered Singer Pat; Swiss Family Syms;
Lookout Temple; Kidnapped The Girl Who Shone; Bandwagon/ The Girl Next Door

Diamond Horseshoe Girls/ Constant Nymph
North by LIBEL Northwest