Crowdfunder Successful !  Please find Thank you page 


I’ve launched a Crowd funder for Foundation of Kindness – Royal Marsden Critical Care Unit Staff Team Portrait It runs from 20th March – 17th April 


I am raising money for a charitable cause that is very important to me so please donate and or share and help me reach my target of £2250 in aid of  

The Royal Marsden Arts Programme. 

This will fund an acrylic cover for the commissioned painting that I have made in participation with the Critical Care Staffing Team at Royal Marsden, Chelsea.

Anything you can contribute towards helping me achieve my target will be massively appreciated !  


Royal Marsden Critical Care Staff Team Portrait:


The Project


Foundation of Kindness, Shared Experiences, Shared Burden –  is a large  group portrait painted and collaged by me, the artist Lady Lucy in participation with 40 staff members of the Critical Care Unit (CCU)  at The Royal Marsden in Chelsea. The painting needs to be sealed for health and safety purposes, so the cover can be wipeable. 

Over the last 18 months I have been artist in residence in the Critical Care Unit spending time getting to know the staff by offering portraits in exchange for their thoughts around their lives and occupation, working in Critical Care oncology. 

All staff on the unit were invited to take part and 40 members got involved in the project. The  painting takes a non- hierarchical approach to staff involvement and representation.  The project aims to improve staff wellbeing in the post pandemic era.  


Margaret, matron of the Critical Care Unit:

“It has been a difficult time through the pandemic both psychologically and physically for the staff team. Through the portrait sittings staff were able to verbalise how they felt working in critical care, and the text became part of the drawings and painting. Team work is at the core of how we work, and this represents that idea and brings staff back together after isolation.” 

The outcome of the project is the large painting to be permanently displayed at the entrance to the CCU and 40 portrait drawings that will be gifted to the staff. 

Due to health and Safety regulations we need to raise £2250 to buy and install a professional museum standard acrylic cover. The painting is large -3 x 1.5 metres  – hence the cost.  Without the cover the painting cannot be displayed. This is also a chance to showcase the project and get people involved.