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The Court Portraits (2010)
Lady Lucy’s Portrait Studio

For Spacex Random Acts of Art

The Court Portraits

Lady Lucy has an ongoing interest in the every day and a self proclaimed fascination with other people’s lives. For Random acts of Art she sent invitations to the residents of nearby housing estates Mermaid Court, Neptune Court and Wheatley Court to sit with her at her mobile portrait studio and be painted. The Court Portraits are a result of the encounters that ensued.

Snippets of conversations that took place during the painting sessions are written around the edge of the canvases, offering us some insight into the story of each sitter.

Lady Lucy’s social portraiture lies somewhere between social practice and object making. On this occasion the artist will be redistributing the paintings to the sitters at the close of the exhibition. This radical gesture emphasis that the overriding value of an artwork can lie as much in the process of making as a physical body of work.

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