For the last two years, I have been collaboratively oragnising this film project with a group of artists, filmmakers and producers closely associated with The Cube Cinema.

THE WORLD PREMIERE After two years of plotting, planning and production, The Film That Buys the Cinema is now a fully-fledged finalised phenomenon! We are happy to announce that the FTBTC was selected for the BFI’s London Film Festival, which hosted its world premiere on October 14th 2014. More screenings listed here.

The Film That Buys the Cinema, a piece of Microplex history in the making.

The Cinema is the Cube Microplex in Bristol, UK. 70 artists have donated 70 one-minute takes, to be sequenced together into a single feature Film. You can purchase packages including DVDs and limited edition art works, all proceeds go direct to the Freeholdcampaign, set up in order to secure the Cube building as an arts space, in perpetuity.

An insistent stream of lurid, poetic and bizarre otherworldly episodes are brought into compelling hard collision here, like an old underground VHS mixtape or an exceedingly choice – and unpredictable – weave of unlikely YouTube hits. This beguiling film was made to raise funds for the Cube, a boldly independent micro-cinema in Bristol trying to buy its own freehold. Each minute was newly shot by one of its different allies or former special guests – the luminaries include: Ben Rivers, Jem Cohen, Emma Hedditch, Nicolas Roeg, Peter Strickland and Jennet Thomas plus cult musician Jandek. An entertaining and powerful manifestation of the world of the Cube and its outreach, this epic movie also provides a striking measure of how much rich, diverse creative talent there is around right now.

William Fowler