Interview with Harry Pye from the Rebel Magazine

Lucy Woollett, also known as Lady Lucy makes paintings, drawings and moving image. Her work is strongly informed by her interest in the social function and value of her activities as an artist and more specifically as a painter. She seeks to find meaning and political application in the process of painting and draws on the art historical lineages of collaborative art practice and portraiture. She told The Rebel magazine that, “Lady Lucy” is a name she started using when she first moved to London in 1996. She was doing performances, fanzines, writing and DJing. She sees it as a youthful gesture, born through a feminist intention, which stuck and has continued to be of use. “For more info visit: here A painting by Lucy features in a group show at Mare Street’s The A Side B Side Gallery next week. The painting is called, ‘Rrroadrunnerrrroadrunner’ and the exhibition is called, Jo Mama’s Second Alphabet Show.