Radical Organisational Portraiture
at RADMIN with Ellen Hughes, Aviv Kruglanski & Lucy Woollett

How do you create a radical portrait of organisational structure? Join us and share in the process of Radical Organisational Portraiture. This exploration will be led by Hughes, Kruglanski and Woollett who propose a triptych of Enterprise Imaging, Wild Yeast Economics and an Expansion of the Social in Portraiture.


Feral Business Network presents: RADMIN -A festival of Administration

Feb 14-16 2019, Cube Microplex, Bristol UK


What can artists do for business?

At a time where the legitimacy of ‘business as usual’ has been called spectacularly into doubt, new thinking and practice around how we do business is urgently sought. Open to individuals and collectives, artists, producers, administrators and creative organisations, we will gather at RADMIN, Britain’s first Festival of Administration, to erase, ghost-write and re-file, over three days of receptions, discussions, dinners, provocations and office parties.

RADMIN is a summit in which we will reconsider the ‘dull’ spaces of administration, managing, trading and maintenance, not as a set of largely hostile impediments which invade or co-opt arts practice but as sites for critical and creative enquiry, radical histories, experiments, politics, wild imaginaries and meaningful work.

Programme features: Gala Dinner , Convention, Office Party, Professional Development Bonanza! and 100 Ushers/Screening.

With: 3 Stages of Succession, The Ad Hoc Collective, Bristol Co-operative Gym, Centre for Plausible Economies, Common Wallet, Company Drinks, Cube Cinema, CUPS (Creative University Professional Services), Different Space, Drawing Exchange, Feral Trade, FoAM, The Incidental Unit, Institute for Experiments with Business, IRATIONAL.ORG, Legal Eagles, Polar Produce, Port O’ Bristol, Plumbmaid, Richard Youngs, The School for Organizing, Trade Show, UWE Business School, The Viriconium Palace AND OTHERS.